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The ancient Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti, reputedly favored cosmetics made from ostrich oil because of the oil's moisturising and softening properties also because it kept her looking youthful.

Ostrich oil has been used for centuries by the Egyptian, Roman & African cultures over 3000 years ago for topical relief of dry skin, burns, lesions, contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, chapped lips, muscular pain, dry hair, bed sores, fine lines & wrinkles, softens cracked heels and minor cuts & scratches.

It is the powerful Anti-inflammatory of oils! This is why Ostrich Oil is used by countless individuals for Arthritis and Rheumatism pain.

Ostrich oil contains Omega 3, 6 & 9 ,Essential Fatty Acids ( EFA's) and certain Vitamins and Amino Acids to help maintain the health of your skin membranes. Ostrich Oil penetrates deeply into the skin unlike petroleum based products and provides a luxurious moisture for hours without clogging pores.

Ostriches convert the vegetable oil in seeds to an animal fat that is extremely high in EFA's. The Myelin Sheath, which insulates our nerves, consists of EFA's and when the body lacks these, our nerves become irritated and inflamed which can cause many nerve and skin conditions. Because it replenishes the EFA's, it is naturally soothing.

Ostriches are fed a vegetarian , all natural feed so no animal by-products, no growth hormones or antibiotics. This means a pure natural oil that is great for your skin.
10 Main Uses for Ostrich Oil in Pet

1. Eczema - comforts inflamed skin and lessens redness and irritation.

2. Burns - helps to speed healing with less scarring, also effective in post-radiation burns.

3. Wound Care - Applied gently and often to wounds will soothe and allow less permanent scarring.

4. Joint Relief - relieves stiffness caused by muscle pulls. Ostrich oil will relieve pain and lessen swelling and inflammation.

5. Bites - Pain and itching will be greatly reduced from tick & flea bites or insect stings and alleviate pain and redness.

6. Arthritis - fast pain relief

7. Moisturizes - Superior, absorbs quickly and deeply. It’s promotes healthy pets skin and coat.

8. Chapped Skin - excellent for soothing dry skin. It’s used be elbow and pad softener of pet.

9. Promotes Healthy Pets - Adding pure ostrich oil to pet food and/or using a few drops when brushing their coats will provide overall better health.

10. Coat and Hair Follicle - A few drops massaged into a dry pet skin can provide deep penetrating conditioning and heal irritated skin. It's also been shown to thicken and strengthen hair follicles.
Decrease inflammation of skin
Less permanent scarring form post-surgery
Reduce itchy
Healthy coat and skin
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