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Nowadays, pet-care business has grown up in a very fast speed. As we seen in several

Pet product Exhibitions during the year, there are hundreds of product came for a trading show. The pet product companies also give away free samples for pet-lovers to try their goods while visiting booths. Pet World Center is one of the leading Pet-Care product companies that always presenting at the trade exhibition.

Pet World Center has established and developed Pet-Care product lines for more than 13 years. We are very well-know among pet shop and Pet Clinic with our product quality and services under the management of Ms.Sumalee Silapakul.

Ms.Sumalee have soft the flower mention background history of a company that “ The company form come to sporadically  by reasonable in forming company is  because oneself is a person who loves animal and work in business side pets many realms that 10 year make oneself has an experience and know a customer have of a lot of business then choose to run a business this kind in proceeding business has company to manage produce and contact with all company both of in and outside the country for is an agent distribute kind medicine goods , supplementary food , and the products about every kind pets”

In 2008 Pet World Center Company launched the new innovative pet products to Thailand Pet Product market. The debut of such products which mainly contain skin loving fatty acid, Omega3, 6 & 9 derived from Ostrich oil which are high potency Conditioner & Moisturizer by nature. The molecular structure of Ostrich oil is similar to dermal cell of the mammal but smaller so it is easily absorp through the skin (transdermal). are all natural products, innovated and developed  by veterinarian, save for pets , owner and environment.
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